2022 Sakurajima CUP Rules: ディベート春大会規則等について

Here are Sakurajima Cup rules ,etc as of 2022. 今年度の春大会の規則などです。

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1 論題 Proposition

Resolved: That the Japanese Government should abolish the mandatory retirement age systems.

2 プラン Plan


In Kagoshima, for the Sakurajima Cup held on 5/21, the plan will be set as follows;

The policy will be enacted by 2025 at the latest, assuming that the government makes the necessary law and all the expenses for it shall be appropriated in the budget while the minimum publicity campaign for it is taken out sufficiently.

If the affirmative side does not mention any about plan, the judge(s) will take the above as the plan proposed by the affirmative side.

3 大会規則 Rules

1 Japanese version 日本語版PDF 01-2022_JP_Sakurajima-Rules

2 English version 英語版PDF 02-2022_EN_Sakurajima-Rules

上記ルール以外は、HEnDAの2021のルールに従うので、Debaterやジャッジの方々は、しっかりと下記のルールを前もって読んでおくようにしてください。 2021 HEnDA規則(日本語)

The tournament will follow the 2021 HEnDA rules, so please read through the 2021 HEnDA Rules in advance ;). 2021 HEnDA National Rules

Word版はこちら You can download Word versions from here:

日本語 01-2022_JP_Sakurajima-Rules

English 02-2022_EN_Sakurajima-Rules